Robin Conte moved with her family to DeKalb County, Georgia, when she was in the first grade, and she’s been circling the perimeter ever since. She ventured out of state long enough to graduate from Wake Forest, study in Venice, and, decades later, return to Europe with her family of six and live in Munich for three years.  During the interim decades, she taught 8th grade English and 3rd grade everything, obtained an M.A. in education from Emory, got married, and had four children.
Now back in DeKalb County, Robin is a freelance writer and columnist. Her early work has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul and several Atlanta newspapers and magazines. She has been writing for the Reporter Newspapers since 2013; her column, Robin’s Nest, has also run in Atlanta Senior Life. 
Robin lives with her husband in an empty nest and spends her days among semi-colons, colons, and serial commas.